BDS Academy destroys GameWard and advances to the European Masters finals

BDS Academy destroys GameWard and advances to the European Masters finals

First semi-final in these playoffs in these European Masters Summer Split 2022, and it’s BDS Academy who wins with a score of 3-0 in a 100% LFL match against the French team GameWard. The French runner-up qualifies for the grand final and waits patiently for their next opponent.

The power of BDS Academy

After a short break of a few days, we are back in these European Masters Summer Split 2022 with the first semi-final of the playoffs, a 100% French clash between BDS Academy and GameWard. At the end of this match, we have learned the name of the first French team to qualify for the grand final of these EUMs. Of the four French teams involved in this tournament, LDLC OL, BDS Academy, GameWard and Vitality.Bee, all managed to all qualify for the playoffs, but a first team fell in the first round of the tree, under the blows of another French team; BDS Academy inflicted a severe beating to Vitality.Bee, and the men of GotoOne have the intention to show mercilessness again to their next opponents. 

After dominating the group stage, Adam and his mates clearly won more than convincingly against their French counterparts, winning the quarterfinal against Vitality.Bee quite easily with a 3-0 score. BDS Academy is doing a perfect job so far in this tournament and gives us the feeling that they are moving up in level matcha by match. A few days before BDS Academy’s victory, in the very first quarterfinal of these playoffs, GameWard went on to defeat X7 Esports, also by a score of 3-0, eliminating in the process one of the last two British representatives of the NLC league in these European Masters. 

So both of these French teams have had a great run in this tournament so far, but good things come to an end, at least, for one of them.of course, the closer we get to the final, the higher the level of the teams, but that didn’t stop the BDS from winning strongly and without conceding a single game in this semi-final; although the GW showed fighting spirit and ingenuity, the BDS were however far superior in terms of macro and in teamfights.the match started with a very competitive early game between the two teams, but it was the BDS who managed to come out on top after a good mastery of the lanes phase, as well as of the mid/late game; Akabane and his companions did not manage to find the flaw in their opponents’ game plan, receiving a small lesson in League of Legends in the process. In this somewhat one-sided match, the BDS once again showed all their power, playing really well, and that perfectly well as a team, while showing dominance without regard.

This is a 3-0 victory for this BDS Academy formation which remains for the moment still undefeated in these European Masters; once is not usual, the Franco-Swiss team could count on these pillars to go and get this victory, especially thanks to its toplaner Adam who impressed again last night by his mastery of the champions he likes like Aatrox or Gnar. Thus, the finalist of the LFL Summer Split qualifies for the grand final of these EUM where they will face the winner of the LDLC OL – Team Heretics, a big game that will be played tonight and will see the LFL champion against the LVP champion. The final, meanwhile, will be played on Sunday, Sept. 25.


Thursday, September 15 

  • X7 Esports


Friday, September 16 

Saturday, September 17 

  • BDS Academy

Sunday, September 18

  • Unicorns Of Love Sexy Edition

Team Heretics

Wednesday, September 21 


Thursday, September 22 

Sunday, September 25 

5:00 p.m.: Grand Finale


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