G2 Esports is not part of the partnership program on Valorant

G2 Esports is not part of the partnership program on Valorant

While it had applied in Europe and North America to join the partnership program on Valorant, G2 Esports would have finally seen its two applications denied by Riot Games. This turnaround would be largely due to the recent controversy surrounding Carlos Rodriguez, the latter having been seen partying with Andrew Tate.

G2 Esports and Ocelote are in trouble

Update Sept. 21, 2022: Riot Games has just revealed the list of 30 teams selected to be part of the partner program for the EMEA, Pacific, and North American regions; regarding the NA list, we can notice that G2 Esports’ name is not included (nor in the Europe-Middle East-Africa one), which unfortunately tends to confirm that the team’s application was indeed rejected by Riot Games. The selected structures are Sentinels, Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, LOUD, Krü Esports, 100 Thieves, NRG, Furia, MIBR and Leviatàn, this being supposed to be the famous replacement of G2 Esports. 

Article from Sept. 21, 2022: Back in late April, just before Stage 2 of the Valorant Champion Tour kicked off, Riot Games revealed some information about the future of Valorant’s competitive scene for the 2023 season, including announcing a partnership system identical to the one implemented on League of Legends in 2017. The deadline for applications to apply for the partnership system had been set for Friday, June 17, and among the many organizations that applied, Blix.gg reported that the G2 Esports organization would have applied, not only in Europe (EMEA), but also in North America, however giving priority to the NA league.

As we begin to get our first glimpse of the makeup of the two leagues, we learned last night that G2 Esports would likely be out of the running for a spot in this partnership program on Valorant. According to information reported by several media outlets such as neL from 1PV, Riot Games would have, at first, validated the candidacy of G2 Esports as a new partner within the North American league, but the studio would have finally and very suddenly backed out, thus rejecting the two candidacies of the structure. This turnaround would be largely due to the recent controversy surrounding owner Carlos Rodriguez, who was seen partying with a very controversial person, Andrew Tate, at an event; the video showing the two protagonists, which had been relayed on social networks, had caused a huge stir at the time of its release, so much so that the management of G2 Esports had to take the decision to suspend its CEO and founder for a period of 8 weeks, a kind of forced unpaid leave that also follows the comments of Ocelote deemed insulting when the latter tried to defend himself  

Although it was at first an isolated incident not directly involving the structure, this video and Ocelote’s behavior is starting to have a more than negative impact on G2 Esports. This video and all the controversy surrounding it certainly comes at the worst possible time for Ocelote and G2; this is supposed to be a crucial week for the Valorant esports scene, as Riot Esports previously announced that the 30 partner teams participating in the regional leagues (EMEA, Americas and Pacific) would be announced this week. If the information comes to be confirmed, it is an entire department of the G2 Esports structure that would be left with the beak in the water and several people, such as players, coaches and staff members, could find themselves on the sidelines; without the possibility of joining the partnership program, G2 would have as only solutions to participate in the Challenger circuit or to close its Valorant section.

It remains to be seen if this video showing Carlos Rodriguez and Andrew Tate partying together will have other consequences for the structure, as G2 Esports is involved in many scenes like League of Legends, Rocket League or even Rainbow 6 and CS:GO.

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