Karmine Corp officially joins partner program on Valorant

Karmine Corp officially joins partner program on Valorant

Karmine Corp joins the partnership program set up by Riot Games on Valorant. Its application filed last June was finally accepted and the French structure is among the 10 teams selected for the new European franchise league EMEA.

Karmine Corp is set to stay on Valorant

Update Sept. 21, 2022: It’s now confirmed; Karmine Corp is officially joining the partnership program on Valorant in the EMEA region. Alongside the KCop, we also find another French structure, Team Vitality, three Spanish organizations, Team Heretics, KOI and Giants, two Turkish teams, BBL Esports and FUT Esports, as well as Fnatic, NaVi and Team Liquid,

Article from Sept. 19. 2022: At the end of April, just before Stage 2 of the Valorant Champion Tour kicked off, Riot Games revealed some information about the future of Valorant’s competitive scene for the 2023 season, announcing in particular the implementation of a partnership system identical to the one that was implemented on League of Legends in 2017, and that can be found today in North America (LCS), Europe (LEC, China (LPL) and South Korea (LCK). Eager to implement the system on Valorant, Riot Games has therefore launched its partnership program in the major regional leagues. As was the case in the previously mentioned examples, Riot Games began a team selection process to select partner teams from the three international leagues and recognized for their experiences in the esports world. 

The deadline for applications to apply to the partnership system was Friday, June 17, and among the many organizations that applied, Blix.gg reported that out of the 10 slots potentially open for EMEA, Riot Games would have received at least 21 applications, including Team Vitality, Karmine Corp, KOI, Team BDS, and Fnatic. The G2 Esports organization has also reportedly applied, but in two regions, Europe and North America, but is said to be prioritizing the NA league. 

The selection period is now over, and Riot Games has reportedly finally finished selecting the 10 teams for this franchise league on Valorant.  According to Blix.gg, the first team to join the program would be none other than the French structure Karmine Corp; in parallel with the project to make a place for themselves in the European LEC league on League of Legends, co-owners Kamel “Kameto” Kebir and Zouhaïr “Kotei” Darji, as well as general manager Xavier Oswald and project manager Clément Bordes spent the summer answering Riot Games’ questions about their candidacy, notably traveling to Berlin. Present on Valorant since this year, the Karmine Corp participated in the 2022 season of the VALORANT Regional Leagues 2022, closing this first season in 3rd/4th place; the excitement of this first year on the FPS of Riot Games Studios could therefore continue for some time on the side of KCorp.

Note also that the candidacy of the Spanish structure KOI would have also been validated, and this, along with Fnatic, Team Vitality, NaVi, Team Liquid, Team Heretics, BBL Esports and Giants. 

A multi-tiered project

As a reminder, organizations will be offered four-year contracts to compete in the leagues, and at the end of that time, Riot can decide to continue to have those teams for more years or, alternatively, decide to include new teams in this partnership program. This is a huge difference from the franchise system in place on League of Legends and is certainly why the cost of entry to this program is free and is available by invitation from Riot Games (after application of course) so teams would not own their slots and therefore would not be able to resell them if they want to leave before the end of their term. 

The location of the EMEA studios is yet to be determined, but the two candidate sites to host the competition are Berlin and Barcelona. The U.S. league location is expected to be Los Angeles and the APAC league location is expected to be Seoul. 

Riot Games is also working on creating a new tournament similar to the European Masters on League of Legends where the top players from each regional league will compete in a tournament at the end of the Split. This tournament should be announced soon, as the winners of the top 8 ERL leagues in this Summer Split will compete, a tournament that should take place in late July or early August this year.

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