LoL Mercato: Kwangdong Freecs thanks Cain and hires cvMax as new head coach

LoL Mercato: Kwangdong Freecs thanks Cain and hires cvMax as new head coach

After a disappointing 2022 season and very poor results at the Summer Split, Kwangdong Freecs announced this morning the departure of its head coach Cain; he will be replaced next season by the famous cvMax, former head coach of Griffin and DRX.

cvMax back in LCK

The 2022 season unfortunately did not end well for the team Kwangdong Freecs; after a respectable 4th place finish in the Spring Split, losing 3-0 to T1 in the playoff semifinals, this KDF team failed to qualify for the summer season playoffs, finishing the Summer Split in 7th place overall with only 6 wins in 18 games. The championship points obtained throughout the 2022 season (30 in total) were also not enough to qualify for the regional finals of the LCK league; thus, this new season of competition ends with a huge failure for the Korean team, but Teddy and his mates at least created the feat of inflicting T1 its first ever defeat of the 2022 season and ending a very long winning streak in LCK.

So the 2022 season is over for Kwangdong Freecs, which now has its eyes set on the 2022-2023 offseason mercato. The management of the club has quickly started to work and has already announced this morning an important change in its caoching staff;  Jang “Cain” Nu-ri leaves his functions of head coach of the KDF team and he is replaced by Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho.after being dismissed by DRX following very bad results at the Summer Split 2021, cvMax had announced that he was going to put his coaching career on hold, adding that he had received very few offers in recent weeks. It must be said that the Summer Split of the 2021 LCK season was catastrophic for DRX; the team finished the regular season in 10th and last place in the overall standings, returning a record of only 2 wins in 18 games. After a summer season more than disappointing, recording a series of 9 consecutive losses in the championship, DRX had decided to do some housekeeping within its first team announcing in particular the departure of its head coach. Several weeks after his departure from DRX, cvMax had announced that he was going to take a step back from the profession of head coach. Via his stream, he had explained that he was going to take a one-year break, citing DRX’s poor performance during the 2021 Summer Split as one of the reasons for this decision. His results with DRX and the pans that have been hanging around for a few seasons now have somewhat taken their toll on his career as a head coach in the League of Legends professional league.

For before DRX, cvMax was the head coach of Griffin, and even though his time with that team was more or less successful, he unfortunately made more news following a number of problems. cvMax was suspended by Riot Games Korea for being very violent, both physically and verbally, during his tenure with Griffin. Griffin’s toplaner at the time, Choi “Sword” Sung-won, even filed a complaint complaining about cvMax’s violent behavior. In October 2020, one year after the facts, the commission had received a request for disciplinary review from Riot Korea concerning the file of coach cvMAX, on these famous accusations of abuse, as well as verbal and physical assaults on players during the time he was in charge of the Griffin team. This committee had independently investigated the matter to determine whether or not there had been any assault and whether or not there had been any abusive language towards some of the players, and as a result of a full review of all the statements and reports at the time that were provided to the committee, it had decided to suspend cvMax from his duties for a period of 5 months.

Whatever the case, after a year away from the professional scene, cvMax today signs his big return to the sen of LCK; for the management of KDF, the recruitment of cvMax will undoubtedly allow the team to have much better results next season. This announcement also marks the beginning of the mercato for Kwangdong Freecs, a period that already looks intense for the team that could lead to a complete change of the line-up for 2023.

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