Minecraft bans all NFTs

Microsoft isn’t exactly interested in the NFT movement, and that’s also reflected within some services. While some gamers were waiting to see NFTs make their way into Minecraft, mojang has announced that it is banning the concept from its title for good.

Minecraft Unreal Engine 4 - 3

The situation is surprising as NFTs are so hot: given its position as an ultra-popular game and addressed to young people who generally follow trends, one would have thought that Minecraft would become a real NFT factory.

Minecraft Java & Bedrock Edition | Windows 10 - Game code download

Besides, the company NFT Worlds had been exploiting the thread for several months with the sale of “seeds” to generate worlds in the game… But for Mojang, the situation has lasted long enough and the studio has confirmed its position: no more NFT is allowed within Minecraft from now on.

Of course, NFT Worlds didn’t take the news well and criticizes Mojang for “slowing down innovation” and pointing the finger that publishers “Microsoft, Mojang and Minecraft have no regard for their creators, players, builders and their community.”

To that, NFT Worlds says it is embarking on the development of a new game, a copy of Minecraft that would incorporate blockchain technologies and will be completely free and without microtransactions. The idea being to bury Minecraft and thus regain control of their business … let’s wish them well.

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