No European Masters final for LDLC OL, eliminated by Team Heretics

No European Masters final for LDLC OL, eliminated by Team Heretics

Second semi-final in these playoffs in these European Masters Summer Split 2022, and it was Team Heretics who finally won with a score of 3-1 against LDLC OL. The two-time champion of the LFL season 2022 did not manage to overcome the winner of the LVP and sees its adventure in these EUMs end at the gates of the final.

End of the adventure for LDLC OL

After a short break of a few days, The European Masters Summer Split 2022 made its big return with the first semi-final of the playoffs, a 100% French clash between BDS Academy and GameWard. After having dominated the group phase and after having dominated their opponents in the quarter-finals, Adam and his mates clearly and convincingly defeated their French counterparts, winning this semi-final quite easily against GameWard with a 3-0 score. BDS Academy is making a perfect run so far in this tournament and gives us the feeling to go up in matcha level after match; once is not usual, the French-Swiss team could count on these pillars to go and get this victory, especially thanks to its toplaner Adam who impressed again last night with his mastery of the champions he likes like Aatrox or even Gnar.

Let’s move on to the second semi-final of these European Masters Summer Split 2022, a match that took place last night and saw LDLC OL, the LFL champion, against Team Heretics, the LVP champion and new future LEC resident starting next year.aside from a disappointing performance against X7 Esports in the first leg, the French team largely dominated the group stage, establishing themselves as one of the favorites to win the EUM title, but suffered in last week’s quarterfinal against British team and NLC champion Dusty. Trailing 1-2, the LDLC OL found themselves just one game away from being eliminated from the European Masters;this situation seems to have served as an electroshock to the French team, as LDLC dominated their opponents in games 4 and 5, thanks in particular to a huge duo Ragner/Yike over Ornn/Wukong, who showed great composure and authority in the last two games to lead the team to victory, both sets won in less than 30 minutes. On the side of the Spanish team, the balance is a bit different with a slightly more complicated group phase, finishing 2nd in its pool behind BDS Academy, and with an even closer quarterfinal and a win in extremis against UOL Sexy Edition. 

So these two teams faced off last night for a spot in the final, and against all odds, it was the Spanish side that had the last laugh, dominating the OTP LoL champion almost the entire way. As it was the case in the quarterfinals against Dusty, the Bo5 did not start under the best auspices for Eika and his mates who suffered a lot from the beginning of the lanes phase, and finally taking a huge stomp in the face and losing in only 23 minutes; the LDLC reacted in the best way in the second set, inflicting in turn a stomp on their opponents of the day and winning in only 24 minutes. While we started to believe in the awakening of the French team, the latter was unfortunately surprised in the next two games, not managing to find a solution to counter the game plan of Heretics; after a 3rd set a little more disputed than the two previous ones, the 4th game of this Bo5 turns to the demonstration, Jackspektra having made a real carnage on Draven, while bluerzor made his opponent live a real hell. 

The 2022 season was particularly long for this LDLC OL team, which led the two LFL splits with a vengeance, winning two French league titles, but it would seem that fatigue literally took over in these European Masters and the players found themselves as if out of breath in the playoffs of this European tournament; this 2022 season was surely too long and/or too intense, and maintaining such a high level for such long months finally took its toll on the French team members. Despite the defeat, LDLC OL had a very good run throughout this 2022 season, with two new titles to its credit, and the satisfaction of having reached the last four twice at the European Masters.

We will have to wait and see what happens next

We will therefore unfortunately not be entitled to a 100% French final in these EUM Summer Split 2022, as was the case at the Spring Split; the last French hopes rest on the BDS Academy squad, a team that has so far not lost a single game since the beginning of the tournament and is currently on a nice 12-game winning streak. Given the level of play displayed by Adam and his band since the first day of the tournament, they start with the status of favorites for this final, especially since they have already faced and beaten Team Heretics twice during the group stage, but the Spanish team can and wants to create the surprise against the Franco-Swiss formation. BDS Academy and Team Heretics give us rendezvous Sunday, September 25 at 17:00 for the grand final of these European Master Summer Split 2022, a Franco-Spanish clash that already promises to be very explosive with areas of LEC. 


Thursday, September 15 

  • X7 Esports


Friday, September 16 

Saturday, September 17 

  • BDS Academy

Sunday, September 18

  • Unicorns Of Love Sexy Edition

Team Heretics

Wednesday, September 21 


Thursday, September 22 

Sunday, September 25 


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