Pick'Em returns for League of Legends Worlds 2022

Pick’Em returns for League of Legends Worlds 2022

For League of Legends Worlds 2022, Pick’Em is making a comeback with new features, including more challenges and rewards. Find all the information and world rankings.

The Pick’Em at League of Legends Worlds 2022

For Worlds 2022, the Pick’Em is making a comeback! Worlds Pick’em is a prediction game where you have to pick the teams that will win and lose. Depending on the results, you earn points. The Worlds 2022 is coming soon and it’s time to put your knowledge to the test with Pick’em! Pick’em is a prediction game: try to guess who will be the winners and losers, earn points and climb to the top of the world ranking! Don’t go it alone, custom rankings allow you to compete with all your friends. And as always, check out the celebrity rankings to see how your picks fare against some of the hottest personalities in the business.


Please note that the World 2022 Pick’em is available in all regions except Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Donetsk People’s Republic (“DNR”), Luhansk People’s Republic (“LNR”), Sudan, Venezuela, Syria, China, Quebec, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, or any other region where this offer is illegal ; you will need a valid Riot account and a Summoner name to play and receive your rewards. Please note that rights to obtain rewards may vary by region due to local regulations.


The Crystal Ball returns, bigger than ever, with a new way to earn points and rewards! After a successful debut, this year’s Crystal Ball will ask you to go even deeper into the next World Cup meta, and push your mind to even greater levels. Here’s how it works:

  • 20 World Cup prediction questions are OPEN, you can answer them up to 1 week before the World Cup starts and the play-ins phase begins, on September 29 at 10:15pm (CEST).
  • Lock in your choices before that date, because the Coin will not help you by filling in the choices you overlooked in the Crystal Ball.
  • Come back and check your score after the World Finals and earn rewards based on your foresight! The rewards and points in Crystal Ball are different from those in traditional Pick’em.


Plays-ins (qualifications)

For the first time in Pick’Em history, the play-in games will be open to predictions, with the three-round winning streaks of the knockout phase of qualifying. Since there won’t be much time between play-ins, you’ll have a lot of pressure to confirm your picks!

  • Come back after the games end on October 2 to make your predictions for the two 3-inning games on October 3.
  • Come back after the games end on October 3 to make your predictions for the final two 3-inning games on October 4.

Group Phase

For the group stage, it’s up to you to correctly predict the order in which the teams will finish, in each group. Do you think Cloud9 will trample their group? Then drag the team to place it above the others. The choice is yours! Group stage picks will be available from the end of the play-ins on October 4 until the start of the group stage on October 7 at 11:15pm CEST.

Final phase

Once the group stage is over, you will be able to choose the winners of the matches at each stage of the final stage and indicate which team you think will be crowned 2022 world champions. Come back after the group stage is over to make your predictions for the quarterfinals and beyond.

  • Picks for the quarterfinals will be available from the end of the group stage on October 16 until the start of the quarterfinals on October 20 at 11:15 p.m. CEST.
  • Selections for the semifinals will be available from the end of the quarterfinals on October 23 until the start of the semifinals on October 29 at 11:15 p.m. CEST.
  • The choice for the final will be possible from the end of the semi-finals, October 30, until the start of the final, November 6 at 02:15 CEST.

The Piece IS BACK

The Piece returns for World Cup 2022 with some changes. Don’t have time to pick or forgot to lock in your choices for a phase? The Coin will be there to have your back! It will allow players who miss a pick phase to have a chance to participate by making random selections for them. In this case, you’ll earn slightly fewer points if a Coin prediction turns out to be right. Note: The Coin does not work for missed selections from the Crystal Ball.

  • New this year: The Coin generates a random selection for each use of the Coin by the player. If you want to channel the power of the Coin without passing AFK and missing a phase, you can choose to let the Coin have the spell of your choice or your group ranking… But beware, once the Coin is cast, you cannot reverse its choices! Advantage: by using the Coin in this way, there is no penalty applied to the points won.


Crystal Ball Points: The score for the Crystal Ball predictions will be determined after the World Finals. Points earned for correct picks are listed in a different leaderboard than the traditional Pick’em.

Play-in Points: Correct picks for the final round of qualifiers earn 5 points each. Group Stage Points: you earn 2 points per team qualifying for the quarterfinals as predicted, and 3 more points if you placed them in the correct order. Each correct choice for 3rd and 4th place earns you 2 points. You get an additional 2 points and the maximum score per group (16 points) if you place the entire group in the correct order.

Finals Points: Each correct choice during the quarterfinals gets you 5 points. Correct choices during the semifinals earn you 10 points each. And picking the right two teams for the finals gets you 20 points directly!


The ranking system has been revamped for 2022: we’re saying goodbye to our old favorite divisions (hello to my Poros friends) and installing a new way to get a snapshot of your ranking among the global population. We’ll show the top 100 summoners and their points on the leaderboard! And you’ll also be able to track how many potential perfect picks are left. Creating a leaderboard for you and your Pick’em friends is as easy as ever: click the “Create Leaderboard” button and send your friends the invitation link you get! To share your leaderboard in view-only mode, click “Share” and send the share link instead.


Players in eligible regions can compete for a variety of fascinating rewards by participating in and winning the Traditional Pick’em AND the Crystal Ball separately! Players can earn rewards based on the highest ranking tier they reach in both Traditional Pick’em and Crystal Ball (note that rewards are not cumulative, and will be awarded based on the highest category reached in each category). All performance-based tier awards will be distributed on November 6, at the conclusion of the World Series. If you feel you deserve a Pick’Em award but have not received it by November 8, please contact Support.

Participation: One (1) World 2022 capsule per:

  • Make 1 Crystal Ball choice
  • Make 1 choice of qualifying finals
  • Make 1 group stage pick

Pick’Em performance tiers (traditional):

  • Make 1 choice of quarterfinals
    • Perfect choices: all ultimate skins
      • First 5,000: Skin Azir from the 2022 World Cup + champion
        • Layer S (5%): 50 event tokens + 4 World 2022 capsules + Kassadin’s “Sorry?” emote
          • Palace A (20%): 3 World 2022 capsules + “Pardon?” emote from Kassadin
            • Planner B (40%): 2 World 2022 capsules + “Pardon?” emote from Kassadin
              • Layer C (70%): 1 World 2022 capsule + “Pardon?” emote from Kassadin
  • Crystal Ball performance tiers
    • Perfect choices: all ultimate skins
      • First 5,000: World 2022 Azir skin + champion
        • S Tier (5%): 50 event tokens + 4 World 2022 capsules + Syndra emote
          • Palace A (20%): 3 World 2022 capsules + Syndra emote
            • Layer B (40%): 2 World 2022 capsules + Syndra emote
              • Layer C (70%): 1 Mondial 2022 capsule + Syndra emote


If you get a perfect score, congratulations to you! A perfect score means that all of your picks were correct for 100% of the games and groups, and that you reached the traditional Pick’Em maximum points.

Note: Perfect scores are only for the group and final phases, and are independent of the results of the Crystal Ball.

Those who get a perfect score will receive a cache containing the 6 ultimate skins (Ezreal Pulsefire, Udyr Spirit Guardian, DJ Sona, Lux Elementalist, Miss Fortune Goddess of Guns and Seraphina K/DA ALL OUT) as a reward.

To qualify for this reward, your account must be at least level 20. If you already own these skins, you will be able to disenchant them to get essences. The cache of ultimate skins will be processed and distributed manually within seven (7) days of the end of the World Cup.

Last year we saw no perfect scores, so for 2022 we’ve added guaranteed rewards for the top 5,000 scores in both Traditional Pick’Em AND Crystal Ball. The 5,000 players with the highest scores in either Pick’em or Crystal Ball will receive the World 2022 Azir skin (as well as Azir if they don’t already own it).

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