Riot Games calls for applications for Misfits Premier slot in LFL

Riot Games calls for applications for Misfits Premier slot in LFL

With the announcement of its LEC slot buyout, Misfits Gaming had also announced its departure from the LFL at the end of the 2022 season. Its place in the French league has been reclaimed by the organizers, Riot Games and Webedia, and are now launching a call for applications to choose the best possible structure.

The LFL is looking for its new team to replace Misfits Premier

As announced last July, Misfits Gaming has sold off its LEC slot, a spot in the European Championship that has been bought out by Spanish organization Team Heretics. Its withdrawal from the LEC also implies its departure from the French league by the end of the 2022 season, so it remained to be seen what process Riot Games would adopt to replace the academic Misfits Premier. Yoann “Saelind” B, director of leagues and tournaments of the LFL and LFL Div.2 at Webedia had taken advantage of his passage on the channel OTP to answer the question that the community has asked about the future of the slot of Misfits within the French league. 

He had said that since the LFL operates on an open league system, and is intended to remain so, the slot belongs to the league and it would not be resold; that left the option of a tender, an idea that has just been confirmed by Riot order to fill the vacant seat following the departure of Misfits, the LFL is officially launching a call for tenders to choose the best possible structure to replace Misfits Premiers. Riot Games and Webedia, co-organizers of the LFL, would like to introduce you to how this slot will be awarded:

  • Webedia and Riot Games are calling for applications for the allocation of the MISFITS PREMIER slot.
  • Interested teams respond by sending Webedia and Riot Games a bid package and a financial offer for the slot transaction.
  • Webedia and Riot Games conduct a pre-selection of the best applications to reach a shortlist of 3 to 5 applicants. The selection stems from several criteria including the strength of the structure, the future vision for the development of its brand as well as the team’s financial offer.
  • Webedia interviews the successful candidates.
  • Webedia and Riot Games select the new team for the 2023 LFL season.
  • The selected team is announced and the slot’s financial offer is redistributed as follows:
    • 50% for MISFITS GAMING
    • 50% for the remaining LFL teams

This is the first iteration with the sale management directly organized by the tournament organizer. The process of selling an ERL slot may need to evolve in the coming years.

In order to access this tender, please contact [email protected] in order to receive the necessary information that will need to be included in the application package.

Applicants have until October 5 at 6:00 p.m. Paris time to submit their applications. The new team will be selected in early November.

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