Stray is already the best game of the year on Steam

Stray is already the best game of the year on Steam

Stray is a real UFO: the video game offers to play as a cat immersed in a city with a cyberpunk atmosphere who must solve puzzles in order to return home to his family.

The concept is original and offers a relaxing and dreamlike experience light years away from the current big hits that rely on competitive and all-out action.


Just before its release, Stray was already highly anticipated: so much so that it was sitting at the top spot of the most desired games by gamers on Steam. Upon its release the game earned another top spot: that of the highest rated game on Steam.

In the rankings by game type, Stray was the most popular game on Steam

In the ranking by year, Stray is currently the highest rated of 2022 and thus passes God of War and Power Wash. As a result, it garnered 98% positive reviews out of 42,655 votes.

The game’s yearly rankings are as follows

Stray game year Steam

Steam250, a site that offers various rankings, enshrines Stray in the best games of the year category, but the title doesn’t stop there… Since its release, the title has directly invited itself into the category of best games of all time… Currently, the title continues to climb and stands at 44th place, with the best game on Steam nominated by players being Portal 2.

Without diminishing Stray’s undeniable strengths, the title’s success also raises the question of a certain boredom among gamers when faced with games that follow each other and are too often similar. It becomes complex for players to find a little freshness in the titles offered: between licenses that follow one another without renewing the genre, remakes and copies, it is often the independent developers and studios that offer original concepts that change the landscape of video games.

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